Oxymoron ~ Dead Still Life | ArtistNamedBec | Fine Art Photographer
Oxymoron ~ Dead Still Life

Benching with my son over the weekend when he said “Mom, here is a dead fly that would make a neat photo.”  Love this kid, he finds the greatest things for me to take a photo of.  He definitely has the eye.  So as you can see I picked up the fly.  Used black velvet for the background and sat the fly down on black acrylic glass.  Took a shot from various angles and finally settled on this one.  I applied Topaz Adjust Spicify to boost the contrast, followed by Topaz Detail on the eyes only.  Shot with NikonD300s and 105mm lens.  My settings were ISO 200, f9.0 and 1/25 sec.


2 thoughts on “Week 18 – Becky

  1. Very artistically done! Great detail! I like the shape the legs make. Sort of like a star. Goes to show you… beauty can come from anything, even a dead bug. Your son is wonderful to care about your artistic endeavors and offer his assistance!


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