Week 6 – Robin

Juvenile Wood Stork

Juvenile wood stork sitting by himself at Viera Wetlands. For a youngster, he sure looks ancient!

Settings were 1/2000s, f/3.5, ISO 160.


Week 6 – Judy

Tricolored Heron_Myakka SP
Dancing for Dinner

Went to Myakka State Park on the west coast. They have a nice boardwalk that extends out onto the Myakka River. They call the boardwalk “The Birdwalk.” We did see a variety of birds. But, we enjoyed the antics of this Tricolored Heron the most. It dances around and spreads its wings, to eliminate the reflection, so it can get a better view into the water for little fish food. So clever!

My settings were ISO 100, f/8, 1/250 sec at 218mm (70-300mm). Cropped a little.

Week 6 – Becky


My son thought of me when he came across a leaf skeleton.  He sent me a photo and suggested that it would make a great photo with a black background.  I loved the idea.  I went and gathered a few of these leaves, set up the black background and arranged the leaves on the black glass.  First glance it looks like a bug of some sort.  What an awesome idea my son had 🙂

My settings iso200,f20,105mm and .5secs

Week 5 – Judy

Week 5
Great Blues

Was visiting a good friend in Bradenton for a few days last week. We went to a rookery in the nearby town of Venice. It was a small rookery, but there were many birds nesting in the small area…Great Blue and White Herons, and Anhingas. They were in various stages of raising their young. These two have what looked like a several week old chick. You can barely see it behind the tree leaves between the two birds. Captured this shot just as one of the parents was coming in for a landing with a thin twig to shore up the nest. Beautiful birds!

My settings were ISO 200, 1/800 sec, f/8 at 300mm (70-300mm). Cropped a bunch since they were quite a distance away. Applied Topaz Adjust’s Pop Photo filter at low strength.

Week 5 – Becky


Thought this fly look neat against this brown paper bag in the bright sun.  Had to crop it down since this fly was very small.  Played around to bring the colors out in its wings as best I could.  Shot with the Olympus TG4 in ladybug mode.  Settings were ISO100, 5.5mm, f3.2 and 1/500sec.

Week 4 – Becky

Bubble Paw Print
Bubble Paw Print

I had been noticing the soap bubbles while showering.  Thought they would make for an interesting photo.  So I made sure my camera was close by.  Saw how the bubbles looked like a paw print.  Grabbed camera, took a shot.  There you have.  Boost the contrast.  Played with the levels added some Topaz filters to add a tad more interest.  The settings on my Olympus TG-4 was iso1600, 5.5mm, f3.2 and 1/20sec.

Week 4 – Judy

Pretty Cardinal 

Was out walking around with my camera fairly early in the morning, and saw this female Cardinal or a juvenile male, with the sun coming up behind it. It was a chilly morning and I think its puffed up trying to keep warm. Such pretty birds.

Posting with my iPad, so no setting info. Cropped a little using Apple Photos editor.

Week 3 – Judy

Ymmmm, Good Shroom

Camping again in Narccossee…the only campground we ever see Fox Squirrels. Caught this one enjoying a mushroom. He was a picky eater; he would only eat the mushroom caps and leave the stems. I think they are such cool looking animals.

Posting from my iPad, so don’t know my settings. I did a little cropping and color saturation using Snapseed.