Week 28 – Judy

She’s a Lady?

I’m house/dog sitting my friend’s three yellow labs. This is her youngest dog, Shine. She performs these acrobatic feats on the couch whenever we come back inside from throwing the ball a thousand times! Scratching her back? I don’t know? But, it’s such a ladylike pose! ūüėä

Took this with my iPhone. Just did some cropping with the iPhone editor.



Week 28 – Robin

Morning Roundup

I am always thrilled to see the occasional cowboy rounding up the cattle on my drive to work. On this ranch they do it the old fashioned way and it’s charming! This time I had my camera ready and quickly fired off a few shots.

Settings were 1/320s, f/5.6, ISO 100. Used Topaz BW to make it sepia colored. My favorite for ranch photos.

Week 28 – Becky

ArtistNamedBec | Nature Photography
Kokopelli at death’s door

As always I am taking a photo of one thing that I plan to be my photo for the week when something else captures my eye.  I was photographing droplets in an over-used spider web.  I have always wanted to take a photo of droplets in a spider web.  Unfortunately this spider web has seen better days.  I digress.  So I was taking photos of the droplets in the web for this weeks NWG photo when I happened to move my lens and saw this very tiny flying insect stuck in the web.  On top of that his butt was stuck to a water droplet.   Yippee!

At first glance this looked like the prankster, Kokopelli, dancing in the web.  Did not see any spider close by and I did not free the tiny guy just in case it was the Zika carrying mosquito.  Well enough of my ramblings.  I shot this with my Nikon D300s and 105mm lens.  Settings were iso200, f4.5, 1/100sec.  Used my tripod.

Week 27 – Robin

Meadowlark Morning Song

A meadowlark singing his heart out taken in the morning. You can hear them even with the car windows closed. It’s a happy song. It’s as if they are celebrating every day!

Settings were 1/400s, f/5.6, ISO 100. It was a little dark and he was silhouetted, so I used NIK HDR and tone adjustments to bring out some of his pretty feathers.

Week 27 – Judy

Week 27
Graceful Flight

There were a couple of Swallow Tailed Kites flying around our house. I always like watching their graceful flights. I was hoping to capture one of them in flight a little closer to the ground, but I took this one thru a palm tree frond and liked it.

Applied a little cropping and selected fluorescent white balance, in Camera Raw, which gave it the blue effect. My settings were ISO 100, f/9, 1/2000 sec at 300mm (70-300mm).

Week 27 – Becky

ArtistNamedBec | Nature Photographer
One-Eyed Frog

Walking around my yard with my Olympus TG-4 on Microscope mode.  Came across a multi-eyed spider and thought I had my photo for the week.  Kept looking around to see if there was anything else.  Came across this little green frog.  At first I did not notice that he only had one eye until I looked at it on my camera.  As you can guess he became my photo of the week.  I wonder if he got in a fight with another frog, or a bird got a hold of him or if this is they way he was born.  Anyway I made his red-brown eye more red so it would stand out.  My settings were iso400, 18mm, f4.9 and 1/20sec.

Week 26 – Judy

Mohawk Ducks

We were staying at my friend’s timeshare for a few days¬†in Orlando. There is a large lake at the resort with many mallard ducks living around the lake, but these were the only two white ducks¬†with¬†unusual hairdos :-). I don’t know what kind of duck¬†they are?¬† But, I think it they are very pretty!

Taken with Olympus TG-4 camera. My settings were ISO 800, f/8 at 1/100 sec. Applied some cropping and used Topaz DeNoise to reduce some noise. Photo was taken at 8:05pm, so had to up the ISO.

Week 26 – Becky

Single sparkly droplet
Single sparkly droplet

Played around with Topaz Star Effects.¬† It is the one Topaz plugin that I rarely play with.¬† I honestly can’t think of the last time I tried it out.¬† I am thinking 4 years.¬† I need to practice with this one some more.¬† Shot with Nikon D300S and 105mm lens.¬† Settings were iso200, f3.5, and 1/60sec.

Week 25 – Robin

Ants at the Honey Drop Inn

I also had the Olympus TG4 out this week. ūüôā I decided to try drops of honey to attract some ants. Used the microscope setting and a raw file format.

Settings were automatically set at 1/160s, f/2.3, ISO 100.