Week 23 – Robin

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur..

Ran into this feral kitten hiding in my neighbor’s back yard while I was trying to find other things to photograph.

Settings were 1/320s, F/7.1, ISO 6400. Topaz just had an upgrade to Topaz Impression (2.0) and it’s amazing!! This is the Chalk Smudge setting. I adjusted the opacity so it still had the feel of a photograph. I love this Topaz product!


Week 23 – Becky

Water Lily
Water Lily

My husband and I went to McKee Botanical Garden over the weekend.  If you are ever in the Vero Beach area you need to stroll through the gardens.  It is beautiful this time of year.  Right now the water lilies are in bloom.  The colors are amazing.  I shot this with my Olympus TG-4.  I love how the sun made the yellow glow. Settings iso100, 5.5mm, f3.2 and 1.400sec

Week 23 – Judy

Week 23
Small Pink Beginnings

Lately, I’ve seen several Apple Snail egg clutches on our driveway culvert walls, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen one actually laying eggs. I was surprised how fast she laid them…you know, being a snail and all :-).

My settings were ISO 400, f/8, 1/100 sec at 300mm (70-300mm). Applied Topaz Adjust 5’s Photo Pop filter and some cropping.

Week 22 – Robin

I disapprove of your zoom lens.

My cat was sitting on top of the truck and gave me a disapproving look! 😀

6D and 70-300 f/4-5.6L IS at 300mm. Settings were 1/250s, f/5.6, ISO 2000. I used Topaz Adjust mostly for sharpening and HDR toning to bring out the shadows.

Week 22 – Becky

White Moth in Garden | Nature Photography | ArtistNamedBec
White Moth

Came across this white moth underneath one of the large maroon leaf in the garden.  Not easy focusing on an insect that is white.  Did some sharpening and contrast boost.  Settings were iso1600, f3.5 and 1/640sec.  Shot with NikonD300s and 105mm lens.

Week 22- Judy

Week 22
Got An Itch!

We have gotten a lot of rain in the last couple of days this past week. So much we have ducks hanging out in our front yard! This one was very busy scratching and preening.

Applied a little cropping and Topaz Adjust 5’s Pop Filter on just the duck, brushed out everything else. My settings ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/250 sec at 277mm (70-300mm).

Week 21 – Becky

Baby Cardinal
Baby Cardinal

I have mentioned in my previous posts that my son will find things for me to take a photo of.  He was trimming the bushes at his Gramma’s house when a pair of Cardinals (mom and dad) were making a fuss around one of the bushes he was about to trim.  In fact, one of the cardinals poked him in the back to get him away from the bushes.  Good thing or he would have harmed the little one.  He looked around and found the nest with one baby in it.  The photo he sent me of it did not have many feathers on it, so I figured I was safe to come by the next day.  I was focusing on the little one when the baby woke up and freaked out.  I scared it so bad that it threw itself out of the nest and started running.  I am like “What the heck?!”  It stopped long enough for me to take the one and only photo.  I picked it up and put it back in the nest.  It jumped out again.  The parents are flying around me all pissed off.  I scooped it up and put it back in the nest. Went into my mother-in-laws house to wash my hands.  Came back and the parents are still pissed.  I checked the nest and the baby was gone.  I was now beginning to freak out myself.  I looked all over the ground and could not find the bird.  Looked once more in the bush and saw the baby sitting on the branch next to the nest.  I figured it was safe and left.  Didn’t want to piss the parents off anymore.

My settings: ISO1600, f5.6 and 1/1000sec