Week 32 – Judy

Week 32
Missed It!

This is what’s left of my Christ in the Manager cactus bloom. They only bloom once during the night. I checked it earlier as it was just starting to open, but forgot to check it later at full bloom. Darn! Well, still an interesting looking bloom even when its done.

My settings were ISO 200, f/7.1, 1/160 sec.at 122mm (18-135mm).


Week 32 – Robin

Vine Remnants on the Oak

This is an oak tree in our yard that used to have some kind of pretty vine growing on it. The tree seemed like it was struggling so I cut the vine off at it’s roots or the tree would have probably died. This was a few years ago, but the remnants are still there. I thought they looked interesting.

I used the Olympus TG4 setting the camera very close to the trunk. Settings were 1/30s, f/8, ISO 400.


Week 31 – Robin

Circular lines

My husband and I have been experimenting with solar and different ways we can use the abundant sunshine in our area. I am working on cooking with the sun. This is the inside of an evacuated solar tube used for cooking. It’s made of glass and looks really cool inside. I made a tray for it and tried cooking muffins in silicone cups. It cooked them, but they didn’t rise very well.  They were more like fat cookies, but they tasted good. LOL! There were some clouds and it was morning…. so more research will be needed.

I used my Olympus TG-4 with the macro light ring on. Settings were 1/4s, f/18, ISO 1600. I added some clear marbles to add a little something to the image.

Week 31 – Judy


Was sitting outside one of our local medical offices and noticed all the reflections of the landscape in the mirrored windows. Thought it looked cool.

Taken with my iPhone. Did some cropping and lightened up the photo using the iPhone editor.


Week 31 – Becky

ArtistNamedBec | underwater photography
Hawaiian Black Trigger Fish

Went snorkeling on the Big Island on our last day there.  We went with the Sea Quest Snorkeling company.  They took us to Kealakekua Bay in south Kona.  Here the waters were full of coral and schools of tropical fish.  This is the first time I used my Olympus TG4 to capture some underwater photos of the fish.  I was not disappointed by the camera or the snorkeling.  Sea Quest is an awesome snorkeling company.   I sent my camera to the underwater setting which ended up being f6.3, 1/200sec, ISO250 and 18mm.

WEEK 30 – Becky

ArtistNamedBec | Landscape Photography
Secret Beach

Aloha! We vacationed in Hawaii this past week.  We visited Kauai and the Big Island.  We had so much fun hiking and snorkeling that we did not want to come home.  This photo was taken on the north side of Kauai (Princeville area).  We hiked over lava to get to this spot.  It was absolutely break taking.  My photo does not do it justice.  I only took my Iphone and Olympus TG4 on this trip.  I shot this one with the Iphone then boost the contrast in photoshop.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit the islands of Hawaii then do it.  Fantastic stress reliever.

Week 29 – Robin

Guardian of Cattle

The little owl is back and he’s on the fence post again. I hope you don’t mind another shot of this burrowing owl. He (or maybe she) is such a little cutie!

This was taken in the morning with the sun behind him filtered through the trees. Settings were 1/640s, f/5.6, ISO 100.
Trying ACDsee and Topaz plugins. Also used NIK HDR to get some light back in that adorable face!

Week 29 – Becky

ArtistNamedBec | Detroit | Street Photography

Went to Detroit for my husband’s class reunion.  I was determined while we were there that I was going to get a photo of an abandoned building.  I was lucky I ended up with two.  Wish the guy wasn’t in the photo but nothing I could do about it.  Our friend drove us around and I shot this while sitting in the back seat.  It screamed a little Topaz Clarity and Portrait Drama.  Shot this with the Olympus TG4.  The settings were iso100, 4.5mm, f2.8 and 1/250sec.