ArtistNamedBec | Nature Photogrphy
Ambush Bug (cousin to the Assassin Bug)

Decided to unwind (creatively) by walking around my yard to see if I could find another new insect.  I was not disappointed.  I thought this was a dead leaf on this white flower.  I was taking photos of it to practice taking macro shots hand held.  Needless to say I need to just use my tripod.  I can’t be still.  I zoomed in and realized this was not a dead leave but some insect with claw-like front legs. Would not budge even when I poked it with a pine needled.  Searched on google and found this to be an Ambush bug, which the smaller, heavier-bodied cousin to the assassin bug.  The ambush bug waits patiently for its prey to get close while the assassin seeks out their prey.  Shot with my Nikon D300s, 1055mm lens.

Settings iso1600, 1/80sec, and f/8.


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