Very Tiny Beginnings 

I noticed a cluster of very tiny eggs attached to the back of our camper. I took a photo of them in microscope mode with my Olympus TG4 and then cropped in quite a bit. These eggs are tiny!! Each one smaller than a pin head. But, aren’t they amazing! I have no idea what type of insect eggs they are, but once again macro photography shows us details we would have never noticed!

Applied some sharpening with Snapseed on my iPad.


2 thoughts on “Week 45 -Judy

  1. WOW those are really cool. I really like how you cropped in so close so we could get a better view. Boy are they tiny. Great find. 🙂


  2. Wow! What a great find!! I love that you were able to get all the details and tones in the eggs. Almost look like barnacles. Their perfect arrangement is very interesting also! Such a perfect grid… I would love to figure out what they are.


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