A member of our camera club hosted a fun photo walk in one of our local historic downtowns. This little piggy (pun intended) was very curious as to who all these people were walking by his house. Of course, I was just as curious, as you don’t see too many pigs looking out of windows. I don’t know if his name is really Arnold, but couldn’t help but to remind me of the Ziffle’s pet pig on “Green Acres.”

My settings were ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/50 sec at 300mm (70-300mm). Did some cropping and applied Topaz Adjust’s Pop Photo filter.



2 thoughts on “Week 42 – Judy

  1. LOL!!! How adorable!! You don’t see many pig companions these days. A wonderful capture! He looks like he’s longing to go out and pay you a visit! Cute, cute!! 😀


  2. Too funny. First name that popped in my head was Wilbure of Charlotte’s Web when I saw this photo. The photo made me smile. Looks like this was a fun photo walk that I wish I could have been there. Nicely done. Love it 🙂


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