New Queen..?

I was looking for more macro subjects and I saw this group of ants on a tree. It looks like it could be a new ant queen because of the wings and size of the large ant. The other ants were attending to her and doing this weird butt-in-the-air stance. 😀

Used the Olympus TG4 again on Microscope mode with the macro ring.
Settings were f/4.9, 1/100s, ISO 1000.


2 thoughts on “Week 41 – Robin

  1. What a cool “snapshot” of insect behavior. Made me study each individual ant. Wonder what the butt in the air signifies. Amazing how much bigger the Queen is than her attendees. Great capture!


  2. Great capture of insect behavior. Amazing how much larger he female is compared to the males. I can see why they call her queen with that size. 🙂


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