ArtistNamedBec | Nature Photography
Aphid Roundup

Saw all these ants of various sizes crawling over this bush.  Looked closer noticed all the aphids and some other scaly thing.  The ants seemed to be communicating so I am assuming they were doing something with those aphids.  Shot with Olympus TG4 on microscope.  Settings iso1600, f4.9, 1/80sec, and 18mm.  Cropped in tight.


2 thoughts on “Week 39 – Becky

  1. Very cool photo! Look at that big-headed ant! Love it!! I have observed this also… and found out that they use the aphids for their honeydew so they are like milk cows to the ant ranchers. They stimulate them with their antennae to produce a drop of honeydew which is a waste product for the aphids, but delicious food for the ants. They in turn protect the aphids and care for them. It is very fascinating!!! Great eye!


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