Week 29
Fern Beginnings

Still dog sitting for my friend. She has a large pond on her property. There are these large, tall, beautiful ferns growing along the banks of the pond. This is a photo of one the fern’s leaves before unfurling. The diameter of the fern circle is about the size of a fifty cent piece, but once fully opened the leaves range from three to four feet high.

My settings are ISO 1600 (it was late in the day and in a very shady area), f/9, 1/125 sec, at 300mm (70-300mm). Applied some cropping and lightened up just the fern circle to show more detail using PS Elements.


2 thoughts on “Week 29 – Judy

  1. Classic! So pretty! Nice find and perfectly photographed. Would go nicely with a quote. Like… “Everyday is a new beginning.” 😀


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