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Went to Detroit for my husband’s class reunion.  I was determined while we were there that I was going to get a photo of an abandoned building.  I was lucky I ended up with two.  Wish the guy wasn’t in the photo but nothing I could do about it.  Our friend drove us around and I shot this while sitting in the back seat.  It screamed a little Topaz Clarity and Portrait Drama.  Shot this with the Olympus TG4.  The settings were iso100, 4.5mm, f2.8 and 1/250sec.


5 thoughts on “Week 29 – Becky

  1. Very cool. Love the vines growing on the old abandoned house and then the satellite dish on the roof…mixing of the old and the new. I like the guy in it…adds interest! Talk about zero lot line, tho!


  2. What a cool find! All that decay. Even the road has cracks! The vines on that old house are wild and beautiful! Love all the detail and perfect processing! Bet it’s verrrry creepy at night! 🙂


  3. Nice shot Becky, but I’m not so sure these two houses are on the abandoned list as of yet. I ride my bike down that street pretty often and over the past 4 summer seasons, I’ve encountered the two, very friendly, elderly gentlemen who live or lived in the house on the right. I’ve never seen anybody in the house on the left, but I’ve seen the lights on and the front door shut on occasion. I realize they look pretty unkempt, but I assure you that if the houses were abandoned, they would’ve been completely stripped by now lacking doors and windows. Although, I will admit that they are pretty good examples of Detroit ruin porn and make a pretty creepy photograph. As I’m sure you noticed as you drove up to your focal point, the new hockey stadium construction area butts up against these old relics. That whole area will be completely rebuilt/modernized into several new neighborhoods, except the building in the background of your photo. The Eddystone Hotel will be redeveloped into apartments and that area (including those old unkempt houses) will become a green space/community park. I hope you had a nice time in Detroit and that the people were kind and welcoming.

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    1. Thanks for the background behind these beautiful old houses. Old architecture has always fascinated me. Yes we had a wonderful time. We always do when we visit which isn’t often. Our friend loves taking us downtown to show how much it has changed. Everyone was friendly. 🙂

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      1. Hey Becky: Thanks so much for your response. Like you, I’m also fascinated by historic architecture and it’s heartbreaking that Detroit has lost the majority of its historical buildings and residences. It’s great that you documented those old houses, because I’m sure they’ll be demolished sometime soon. It’s also good to know you had a safe and fun time in Detroit!


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