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Kokopelli at death’s door

As always I am taking a photo of one thing that I plan to be my photo for the week when something else captures my eye.  I was photographing droplets in an over-used spider web.  I have always wanted to take a photo of droplets in a spider web.  Unfortunately this spider web has seen better days.  I digress.  So I was taking photos of the droplets in the web for this weeks NWG photo when I happened to move my lens and saw this very tiny flying insect stuck in the web.  On top of that his butt was stuck to a water droplet.   Yippee!

At first glance this looked like the prankster, Kokopelli, dancing in the web.  Did not see any spider close by and I did not free the tiny guy just in case it was the Zika carrying mosquito.  Well enough of my ramblings.  I shot this with my Nikon D300s and 105mm lens.  Settings were iso200, f4.5, 1/100sec.  Used my tripod.


2 thoughts on “Week 28 – Becky

  1. Wow! Very cool! I love the detail of the little insect and it does look like Kokopelli! 😀 Love the background light behind the insect! Fantastic lines and beautiful bokeh!


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