I found this on my drive home. Must be the season for swarming. At least this was on a post in a cornfield and not like Becky’s experience at her house! 🙂 I stayed far away from this swarm.

Cropped in and very little editing. 1/250s, f/7.1, ISO 100.


4 thoughts on “Week 17 – Robin

  1. My first reaction was “OMG”…that’s crazy. Never seen anything like this! Great capture. Love that you got the single bee in flight in the corner. Perfect title too!


  2. Nice picture. Swarms are usually harmless as long as they haven’t been out in the cold and rain for days. Right now the bees in your photo are having a big debate about where to live. If you had looked carefully you would have seen scout bees running up and down the cluster doing waggle dances. It’s all part of a voting system to reach a quorum on were to go and live. Usually they reach a decision fairly quickly and they will be off within a few hours.


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