Long-horned Beetle | Macro Photography | Nature Photographer
Long-horned Beetle

My son saw this insect and immediately thought of me 🙂  This strange looking insect just sat there while I inched my way closer to it while perched on a ladder.  The whole time I am praying this guy will stay put and not jump on me.  That would not have made for a very good evening if I injured myself trying to get a close up of the Long-horned Beetle 🙂  Not much editing besides busting the contrast and then cropping it even closer so you can see his pretty little eyes.  He was located on the shady side of the house.  Shot with NikonD300s and 105mm lens.  My settings were ISO800, f13, 1/200sec.


4 thoughts on “Week 17 – Becky

  1. Wow, what an unusual looking bug…can’t say I’ve ever seen one. I wish I had a photo scout, like you 😉. Great macro! Glad you didn’t fall!


  2. Wow! Very nice! Stunning macro of a beautiful and unusual insect! The sand colored surface is a perfect tone to showcase the critter! LOL I can just see you and your Nikon on that ladder! It was so worth the trouble!


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