Mocking Bird, ArtistNamedBec, Nature, Bird
Busy Mommy

This female mockingbird is busy making a nest in our backyard bush.  She put it in a very good spot.  Took me a bit to find it.  I had a step ladder and was able to glance inside to see if there were any eggs.  Then my ladder started to tip and I figured it is best I get down since it would not have ended well for me.  For you see, this bush is very thorny.  🙂

Shot with Nikon D300s and 105mm lens.  Settings iso400, f4.0 and 1/800sec.


2 thoughts on “Week 13 – Becky

  1. Nice foreground bokeh and focus on her big eye! She looks like she means business and smart to use a thorny bush! I am glad you were sensible about the ladder. Maybe you can carefully try again when you hear the little peeps of little chicks!


  2. Like the dreamy effect of the photo…nicely done. I love hearing the Mockingbirds sing…such a big voice from a small bird. Don’t tip the ladder! 😜


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